Top 8 Best Vaginal Wash For Women

The necessity of a Feminine wash can be understood by all those who like to keep everything clean and fresh.

While some use feminine washes exclusively for the scent that it imparts, they forget that the wash can help with infections, cleanliness, and skin irritations.

Especially if you consider the weather of India, which is a lot more humid and damp when compared to the weather in the west, the need for a successful feminine wash becomes all the more important.

A lot of Doctors and Physicians in India, advise women from the ages of 15 to use some sort of a feminine wash, to take care for their nether regions.

However, a word of caution is must here. Not all feminine washes are great. Some have been known to create excess dryness which in turn causes rashes of sorts. Similarly not all feminine washes are effective for Indian Women, considering the difference in body types, environment, and eating styles that we have, from those for whom the products were originally created.

Here are the Top 8 Best Vaginal washes for Women in India

Best Vaginal Wash For Women in India

1. WOW Freedom Cleansing Foam Wash

The Wow Freedom Cleansing Foam Wash is gentle and is very effective with the bad odur causing bacteria.

The WOW Freedom also helps in maintaining the right ph balance, which is of the utmost importance. The ideal PH level that is required is 3.5 and the WOW freedom guarantees to maintain that.

The Foam comes in an easy to use container, which dissipates foam on a quick press action.

2. Stbotanica Feminine Intimate Hygiene Wash

The Stbotanica Feminine Wash is a refreshing wash. It has been remarkably successful with Indian Women. The Stbotanica maintains the ph of 3.7 which is ideal for an infection-free situation in your nether regions.

The Stbotanica is also completely paraben free which means this wash can cause no harm.

3. INLIFE Vash(V) – Vaginal Wash

With all vegetarian products like the others, this wash is also paraben free. INLIFE Vash is a gentle wash. Also, it has a very moderate scent to it. Also, INLIFE has tested their Vaginal Wash on all skin types and therefore you could never go wrong with it. All in all, considering the ingredients, this product is all herbal.

4. VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash

The VWash Plus is the most popular Hygiene wash out there. It maintains a ph of 3.5, which is ideal.  VWash recommended daily usage of their Hygiene Wash for guaranteed freedom from itchiness, irritation and rashes. You can also opt for their package which includes 10 wipes and the wash.

The wash is especially recommended for the monsoon season, when you are most prone to developing infections in your vaginal region.

5. Himalaya Intimate V-Wash

The Himalaya Intimate V-Wash contains tree Oil, which has antifungal properties. Also the V-Wash is very effective for Indian Moms.

Considering Himalaya is an Indian Brand, you can safely say that their vaginal wash is effective for Indian Women

6. Midas care Clean and Dry Daily Intimate Wash

The Midas Intimate Wash is the only wash with Aloe Vera extracts on the Indian Market. It is also the only one that promises skin color correction. Like all other washes, Midas also claims to maintain a ph of 3.5 in the vagina region.

Also this wash is extremely effective for Indian women.

7. Bella Sensitive Feminine Wash

The Bella Sensitive Feminine Wash is especially designed for those with sensitive skin. It is a very mild yet effective wash. The Bella Sensitive wash maintains a healthy ph of 3.5 in your vaginal region. The Bella Sensitive Feminine Wash is very gentle, but refreshing.

8. Vagisil Scentsitive Scents

The Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Daily Feminine wash has the best (peach) aroma. It contains absolutely no preservatives or harmful elements. In addition to the to the ph of 3.5, this wash also maintains a certain moisture which is required to avoid irritations or itchiness. It is one of the few feminine washes which has a great long term smell along with the right ph balance.


So there you have it. The best Feminine washes that are available out there. If you hadn’t been using vaginal washes or if you have had a bad experience with them, take my recommendation and try the ones recommended here and you can thank me later.